I went to Shiloh celebration 2014 with three of my sons. On the day two of the celebration, one of them; Jesukobiruo by name, was sitting under one of the light-stands where he was electrocuted to death instantly. Sighted by a sister, she ran to the scene to give a helping hand and upon touching my son's dead body, she was also shocked and she withdrew. Soon, I got wind of the foregoing and hurriedly ran there and when I saw my son, I could no more recognize him. Stock to the light pole, he was already dark and stiffened. Using a long plastic pipe, the corpse was pushed away from the light- stand and quickly rushed to The Bishop of the whole world for prayers. Seeing the dead-stiffened body of my son, God's servant, Jesus’ Holiness fervently prayed for my son to come back to life. To the glory of God, just before he concluded the prayer, my dead son came back to life. Had it not been God, it would have been a different issue. To God be all the glory!!!