The Lord is indeed a Saviour. On Friday 20th May, 2016, on my way home from Friday Fasting Programme at G.G.M Inc. Ohoro Branch, suddenly one of the electric poles on the road broke into two and the life-cable wire fell on me. Instantly, I was electrocuted and fell into coma. I was totally out of this world. While I was being revived on earth here, I found myself walking along a cool path in the world of the dead. At once, I saw Jesus’ Holiness, Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu, The Bishop of the whole world, telling me to go back home in the name of Jesus’ Christ. Immediately he said this, I regained consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I saw crowd of people around me trying all effort to revive me. I narrated all that happened to them, and they all praised the God Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu with me. If it had not been the intervention of God Almighty through his beloved son, I would have been dead by now. To God be all the glory!